Goethe’s Secret Revelation

Goethe's Secret Revelation - four lectures by Rudolf SteinerGoethe’s Secret Revelation

By Rudolf Steiner
Translator is unknown
GA 57
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The theme of Goethe’s Secret Revelation is that the process of initiation is followed by a loss of innocence and a struggle for survival in the pursuit of Truth. The trials and tribulations of everyday life are the proving ground for the Initiate. Eventually, we regain our innocence through consciousness of our Inner Self.

These lectures are the 2nd, 3rd, 13th and 14th in the series entitled, Where and How Does One Find the Spirit? They were published in German as, Wo und Wie Findet Man Den Geist? (vol. 57 in the Bibliographic Survey).

This volume is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

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