Origins of Natural Science (Lectures Section)

These lectures trace the subtle changes in people’s ideas and feelings in connection with the development of natural science. Through this, Steiner shows the significance of scientific research and the mode of thinking that goes with it. As we look at what technology has brought us, we can have a feeling akin to the one of pain over the death of a person. This feeling, Steiner says, will become the most important impetus to seek the spirit.

Goethe, Comte and Bentham

Goethe, Comte and Bentham, by Rudolf Steiner

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Goethe, Comte and Bentham

By Rudolf Steiner
The translator is Unknown
GA 184
Schmidt Number: S-3555
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This lecture is the second of fifteen lectures in the series entitled, The Polarity of Continuity and Change in Human Life. The Cosmic Prehistory of Humanity, published in German as, Die Polaritaet von Dauer und Entwicklung Im Menschenleben. Die kosmische Vorgeschichte der Menschheit. Another name for this lecture is, The Bridge between the Ideal and the Real Part 2. (vol. 184 in the Bibliographic Survey).

This volume is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland. The translator is unknown.

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The Anthroposophic Movement (Lectures Section)

The content of the lectures which are published here can be taken as complementing the material which Rudolf Steiner included in his autobiography, The Course of my Life. They were delivered in a lively, informal and conversational tone, and as such were not conceived of in book form. But because of their exceedingly important content and historical context, their significance should not be underestimated. This is true not only insofar as it applies to anthroposophists, who will find illuminated the background of the movement to which they belong and who will thus acquire a firm standpoint through their insight into the necessity of events which need no justification.

Die Mission einzelner Volksseelen (Lectures Section)

In dieser Vortragsreihe gibt Rudolf Steiner die geisteswissenschaftlichen Grundlagen zum Verständnis der höheren geistigen Wirklichkeiten, welche den Völker-Entwicklungen zugrunde liegen.

Spiritual Ground of Education (Lectures Section)

These 9 lectures were given at Manchester College: Oxford, England, August 16-25, 1922. Also known as: The Fundamental Spirit-Soul Power of Education. In German: Die Geistige-Seelische Grundkraefte der Erziehungskunst Spirituelle Werte in Erziehung und sozialem Leben. GA 305.